Welcome To Moffett and Associates, LLC

Moffett and Associates, LLC – Company Profile

Moffett and Associates, LLC registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions in July 2002; and was licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing as a Private Detective Agency (License #16371-062) in March 2004.

Moffett and Associates, LLC is a Wisconsin based law enforcement consulting group who provides consulting services for police chief recruitment and selection, pre-employment background investigations, organizational and management studies, and hiring & promotional assessment centers.

Consultant Profile – Edward E. Moffett

Edward E. Moffett is the co-owner/manager of Moffett and Associates, LLC. Mr. Moffett has worked in the Wisconsin law enforcement community for 35 years; having served as a Dean & Associate Dean of Criminal Justice at Fox Valley Technical College; Chief of Police, in Verona, Wisconsin; and Patrol Sergeant and Officer in Platteville, Wisconsin.

Mr. Moffett has served as a consultant and independent contractor with the following organizations:

  • Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin - Managing command & executive level assessment centers, coordinating specialized command & supervisory level training, and consulting on management studies and audits;
  • Criminal Justice Associates, Inc., Appleton, WI - As an operational audit and management study consultant;
  • US Investigation Services, LLC, Annandale, PA through the authority of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management – Responsible for researching and completing background investigations for applicants seeking federal employment; and
  • Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., Gainesville, VA - Serving as an on-site team leader and assessor for accreditation compliance in various police agencies across the country.

Mr. Moffett has consulting experience in the following law enforcement areas: police chief search and selection processes; command and supervisory search and selection processes; organizational studies and operational audits; national law enforcement accreditation assessments; executive, managerial and supervisory hiring assessment centers; and executive pre-employment background investigations.

Mr. Moffett has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. Mr. Moffett is currently licensed as a Private Detective through the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing (License #10857-063).

Consultant Profile – Robert W. Roberts

Robert W. Roberts is an independent contractor and consultant to Moffett and Associates. As a Senior Consultant Mr. Roberts has 33 years’ experience serving in the capacities of Police Officer, Special Agent, Police Chief, College Dean, Federal Relations Director, Grants and Research Program Specialist, University Professor and Research Administration Director.

Mr. Roberts is the Director of Research and Faculty Development at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh having over 17 years of experience working with grants and funding projects totaling over 195 million dollars.

Mr. Roberts’ teaching and research includes expertise in the following areas: comparative criminal justice systems, police administration, curriculum development, research methods and analytical design, crime prevention, sex offender management, state and federal funding sources, organizational management audits, executive coaching, crime on the internet and police community relations. Mr. Roberts has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Master’s of Science in Education.

During the last 18 years Mr. Roberts has served as a consultant in approximately 55 law enforcement jurisdictions focusing on:

  • Organizational gap analysis impact studies;
  • Consolidation feasibility and community impact evaluations;
  • Chief executive recruitment and development;
  • Program analysis and system development; and
  • Hiring, coaching and managing public employees.

Consulting Experience

The Consultant’s combined Wisconsin police chief experience totals 43 years, serving the City of Verona, City of Milton, Village of Iron River, Village of Waunakee, Village of East Troy and Village of Cottage Grove.

The listing below illustrates the law enforcement consulting experience Consultant’s Moffett and Roberts can offer the municipal client.

Executive – Command - Supervisory Recruitment & Selection

  • Village of Cottage Grove Police Chief
  • Village of Lake Delton (2014 Commander)
  • Village of Lake Delton (2014 Supervisor)
  • Village of Lake Delton (2013 Commander)
  • Village of Lake Delton (2013 Supervisor)
  • City of Whitewater Police Chief
  • City of Milton Police Chief (2011)
  • Village of Darien Police Chief
  • City of Milton Police Chief (2008)
  • City of Manawa Police Chief
  • Town of Iron River Police Chief
  • Village of Waunakee Police Chief

Executive – Command - Supervisory Pre-Employment Background Investigations

  • Village of Lake Delton (2014 Commander)
  • Village of Lake Delton (2014 Supervisor)
  • Village of McFarland Fire Chief
  • Village of Lake Delton (2013 Commander)
  • Village of Lake Delton (2013 Supervisor)
  • City of Whitewater Police Chief
  • City of Milton Police Chief
  • Village of McFarland Police Chief
  • Village of McFarland EMS Director
  • Village of Darien Police Chief
  • City of Beaver Dam Police Chief
  • City of Lodi Police Chief
  • City of Columbus Police Chief
  • City of Adams Police Chief
  • City of Neenah Police Chief
  • City of Omro Police Chief
  • City of Two Rivers Police Chief
  • City of Waupaca Police Chief
  • City of Shawano Police Chief
  • City of Tomahawk Police Chief

Executive, Managerial & Supervisory Assessment Centers

  • Village of McFarland Police Chief
  • City of Monroe Police Captain
  • City of Waupaca Police Lieutenant
  • City of Shawano Police Chief & Captain
  • County of Outagamie Sheriff’s Office Captain
  • City of Middleton Police Sergeant
  • County of Shawano Sheriff’s Office Captain
  • Village of Grafton Police Chief
  • Village of Butler Police Chief
  • Village of Hartland Police Chief
  • City of Berlin Police Chief
  • Village of Germantown Police Chief
  • City of Burlington Police Chief
  • Village of Kohler Police Chief
  • City of Port Washington Police Chief
  • City of Two Rivers Police Chief

Management and Operational Study/Audits

  • Village of Cottage Grove (Police Study)
  • Village of Lake Delton (Police Study)
  • County of Pierce (Criminal Justice Needs Study)
  • Village of Allouez (Police Study)
  • Village of Allouez (Clerical Organizational Study)
  • City of Whitewater Police Department
  • City of Milton Police Department
  • City of Manitowoc Police Department
  • City of Stoughton Police Department
  • Village of East Troy Police Department
  • Village of Wrightstown Police Department
  • Village of Cambria Police Department